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Chris Ploof Designs

Chris Ploof Designs believes that jewelry, especially wedding rings, should be unique and custom made each step of the way for every individual. The decision to spend your life with another person calls for a finely crafted symbol that represents the strength, creativity, and flow of the relationship over time. We specialize in handcrafting luxurious contemporary metal alternatives to traditional bands, honoring this union.

Chris Ploof Designs believes in handcrafting unique wedding bands and engagement rings with only the best materials. Through their passion for timeless design, they've been able to create rings that will beautifully celebrate your union. Find Chris Ploof Designs at Fifth Avenue Designs in Denver, CO. These contemporary bands come in a variety of styles to suit any taste and pair beautifully with your engagement ring. At Fifth Avenue, we specialize in exceeding your expectations with quality service and jewelry, paired with expertise you can only find in New York City's Diamond District.